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So you need a new front or back door for your home?

Let’s run through some of the key things you should think about if you are considering uPVC doors for your home.

How secure are uPVC doors?


Our uPVC doors come with the most up to date security features.  PVC doors lock when the handle is pulled up and this action makes bolts connect to the metal frame which prevents the door from being opened.  This makes them one of the most secure doors you can choose.


What styles and colours of door are available?


Value Home Solutions has a wide range of colours and designs to allow you to customise your door to suit your home.  You can see lots of examples on our website. 


You can choose to add your own personal touches such as textured or decorative glass to make your door your own.  Your entrances are the first thing that visitors see when they come to your home, so why not make a statement with your choice of doors and express your individuality.  You can also customise all the aspects of your door such as the letterbox and handles – so it really can be designed completely to your specification.


Maybe you liked your original door but it’s now beyond repair.  We carry an extensive range of doors, so we are sure to have something similar to your original door.  Just give us the details and we will help you find what you are looking for.  

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How much do uPVC doors cost?

A basic uPVC door starts from £250-300 but the price varies significantly depending on the style and size you need.  Our uPVC doors are made to measure to your style and design, so it’s always better to discuss what you are looking for and get an accurate quotation.

Remember that uPVC doors also help with the energy efficiency of your home – so they help reduce your home’s running costs in the long term.

Can I fit the door myself?

If you prefer to fit the door yourself and you are replacing a current door, there is nothing to stop you doing this.  Given this is the security of your home and family, we would always recommend that you opt for our professional installation and our workmanship guarantee.

If you are purchasing a door for a new build, it is likely that your builder will prefer that it is installed professionally either by their team or ourselves.  This is to make sure that all building control regulations are complied with.

Are uPVC doors easy to maintain?

Yes, uPVC doors are really easy to look after.  They are easily wiped clean with a damp cloth using warm soapy water and they are designed to cope with all weathers – so they don’t need painted or weather-proofed.  If you do need to use a cleaner, make sure you get one which is designed for uPVC doors as strong cleaning solutions or abrasive products could damage the doors.

At Value Home Solutions our uPVC doors come with up to 20 years warranty, so we know our products are designed to last – and if you have any concerns about maintenance, just give us a call.

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