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Looking good on the edge

Every roof has an edge to it – it’s called the roofline.

A great roofline can make all the difference to a property. The point where your roof meets the outer walls of your house is called the roofline.

Proper installation of any roofline replacement product is essential. By choosing VHS you can be certain the job will be carried out 100%.

VHS’s team of installers aim to create the minimum of fuss and maximum efficiency while carrying out the installation giving you complete confidence in choosing VHS.


Understanding the jargon


The fascia is the long straight board which runs along the lower edge of the roofline.

This is fixed directly onto the roof trusses and its job is to support the bottom row of roof tiles to
which the guttering is attached.


The soffit is fitted to the underside of the fascia.

The soffit board performs a vital function in providing ventilation to the roofs of our centrally heated houses. This is a very important job because without adequate ventilation condensation can form in the roof void increasing the risk of timber decay and untold damage.


The bargeboard is the board which runs from the end of the fascia and soffit right up to the gable wall of the eaves or the peak of a house.

The condition of the bargeboard is clearly visible at the gable wall and its appearance can often make or break the appearance of a property.

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Guttering is also important to have renewed.

If guttering is broken, leaking or not well fitted and left unattended that’s when disaster strikes.

It can cause untold damage to a property causing penetrating damp, decay and mould in wood and plaster-work both inside and outside a house, resulting in a lot of expense to have the problem put right.

The condition of your boards and guttering could adversely affect the appearance, value and saleability of your house.

VHS will come on site, survey your roofline, give quality advice and provide you with a free quotation with no obligation.

VHS have 30 years of experience in uPVC installation and their team of experts pride themselves for ensuring customer satisfaction.

At VHS choosing PVC replacement low maintenance boards is an effective long term solution to peeling paintwork, roofline rot and grotty unsightly guttering.

VHS can offer a choice of colours to enhance the external appearance and compliment the windows and doors giving real kerb appeal.

VHS have an established reputation with over 30 years in the business.

Choose to have them give you a quotation – you’ll not be disappointed! Remember, choose PVC boarding for consistency of finish, easy maintenance, longevity, over all long term cost effectiveness and peace of mind.

Here at Value Home Solutions we offer a full project management service

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