Frequently Asked Questions about Bathroom Renovations


Whatever your dream bathroom looks like, Value Home Solutions can help you create it.

  Our consultation team are here to give you ideas and to deliver on your ideas.  Here is a list of some FAQs and tips.


Whatever your dream bathroom looks like, Value Home Solutions can help you create it.  Many people ask our consultation team for ideas to make their bathroom both unique and functional, so we thought we would share some tips and frequently asked questions.

  • Small bathrooms can also be beautiful and your choice doesn’t have to be restricted: While the size of your bathroom will limit some of your choices, it’s important to know that most of our products come in different sizes and your bathroom configuration doesn’t always have to stay as it is now – we can look at different options to fit more into your available space.  Sometimes we see a room which has a large radiator taking up one wall.   Radiators can be moved and many modern bathrooms have vertical heated rails instead of radiators which gives more space and adds a beautiful feature which is also practical for hanging your towels – so no need for a towel rail as well.  We have lots of ideas to use your space as efficiently as possible – we just need your dimensions and to review your current arrangements.
  • Feature baths are still picked by a lot of people: There are so many different feature baths to choose from including classic and modern styles in various colours – so lots of people opt to personalise their bathroom this way. 
  • Showers with glass enclosures are very popular: Chrome is still very popular and people opt for the biggest shower enclosure they can fit in the available space with either a single or double panel.  Wet rooms and wet room panelled showers are also increasingly looked at as they can be more practical with easy access at floor level.
  • Additional storage is a common ask: Most people find they just don’t have enough storage in their bathrooms, so we have lots of ideas to help. Under sink storage is the most common solution with a beautiful range of sinks to accompany them.  Various sizes are available. 
  • Not everything is white – but it’s generally still the most popular option: The biggest change has been the increased range of shapes and styles that our bathroom suites come in – the simple curved edge option is now just one option.  Many people are now adding modern rectangular straight edged sinks and cisterns.  When it comes to taps chrome is still the most popular – but again there are new options including black and stainless steel.
  • There are lots in interesting new features in our ranges: Did you know that our doors can come with cushioned colour matched magnetic door seals so they don’t bang or that our bottom runners can be quick release to allow the door to swing away from the frame for direct access to the shower for easier cleaning? Innovative ideas continue to be built into bathroom products so that we can provide you with the best quality, modern options.
  • You don’t have to replace your entire bathroom suite to update your bathroom: It’s ok if you just want to replace one or a couple of parts of your suite.  We have lots of styles available so we are sure to be able to find something to compliment your existing suite.

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So whatever you are looking for, we are here to help.  Our expert designers have been helping people to create their perfect bathrooms for over 30 years, so why not take advantage of our knowledge if you want to run some ideas past them or you want some inspiration.

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