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Windows have multiple functions.  They keep heat in during the winter and let it out during the summer, they let light in and they keep your home secure and safe.  So what do you need to think about when you are looking for new windows?


What does your home look like?

It sounds like a funny question – but you don’t want to install new windows which don’t match the style and age of your home.  If you have a traditional style house, modern looking windows are unlikely to look good with it – and conversely if you have a modern house, traditional style windows might look strange.  The advantage of uPVC windows is that they are a modern product but they can be made to appear both traditional and modern.


Do you want windows which are tailored to your vision for your home – or do you want to blend in?

uPVC windows don’t have to be boring and they don’t have to look the same as every other house on your street unless you want them to!  Gone are the days when everyone has white windows.  Value Home Solutions have a wide range of styles and windows to choose from – and they come in 18 different colours, so there is sure to be something that suits your vision for your home.

With so many options to pick from, the question may be – how do I choose?!  Don’t be put off by the range of options – have a chat with one of our experienced design team and they will talk you through all the variations and help you to decide what you do and don’t want.

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I heard that uPVC windows are energy efficient – but are there different levels of efficiency? 

All uPVC windows are naturally energy efficient and at Value Home Solutions all our window frames have an A* 10 energy efficiency rating – so you know they will give excellent insulation.  If you want to increase your energy efficiency you can opt for triple glazed windows with an A* 25 rating which will increase the thermal capabilities of the frames. 

Are your window frames made from recycled materials?

All our window frames at Value Home Solutions are made from 100% recycled materials.

Are uPVC windows easy to clean?

Yes, uPVC windows are low maintenance and this is a key reason that people choose them.  Our uPVC windows are designed to withstand all the weather Northern Ireland can throw at them so they are durable and will look beautiful for a long time.  You don’t ever need to repaint uPVC windows and you shouldn’t try to do so or you could damage them.  Like all windows, you do need to clean them every so often but a soft cloth and warm soapy water should be enough for most cleaning issues.  You shouldn’t use strong or abrasive cleaning products on them as this can cause damage.

Do uPVC windows help reduce the noise level from outside?

Yes, uPVC windows have double-glazing which helps to cut down the amount of noise from outside that you can hear inside.  If you live in a busy area you may want to opt for triple-glazing to help keep more of the noise from traffic and people outside on the street where it belongs.   

How long does it take to install replacement windows?

Replacing windows is easier and quicker than you think.  We do all the work up front during our initial visit to your home, so all the measurements are taken before we give you a quotation and then your windows are brought to your home ready to fit.  We also survey the windows which are being removed and plan in advance what work will be needed to remove them and install your new windows.

Our experienced fitters install windows with the minimum of fuss and will work with you to plan the order of fitting if you are replacing more than one window.  Generally all the windows in a small house can be replaced in a few days – but we will always give you a more detailed plan before starting the installation. 

You don’t normally need to move out while the windows are being installed as we will always want to make sure the house is secure at the end of each day – so we won’t leave your home with a missing window overnight.

Do I need planning permission to replace my windows?

Unless you own a listed building, replacing or repairing windows does not normally need any planning permission.  If you are in doubt check with your local council’s planning department.

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